How it Works

Download a Gedcom from your genealogy app.

Upload the Gedcom to Twiggli.

Choose portraits, a tree design, and a background.

Upload your own photographs if you wish.

Edit the text you want to display.

Generate a pdf.

Print your beautiful family tree poster.

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About Us

Twiggli's founder Sheridan Parsons is a member of the Register of Qualified Genealogists. In 2017 she designed a family tree poster for a client. Soon, other genealogists were asking her how she did it, and whether they could make one too. Unfortunately it was a long manual process, and completely impractical to replicate commercially. But when Sheridan showed the tree to her husband Mike Parsons, he could see that it had potential. They got in touch with Sheridan's old friends at Trivand Technologies , commissioned illustrations from some talented artists, and gathered feedback from clients and colleagues. Twiggli came into being in 2018 and was officially launched in 2019.